Scaling up youth-led solutions for youth problems in Puntland Somalia

Last week, Somalia celebrated International Youth Day 2020 with the important theme of youth engagement for global action, an event which is held every year on August 12. Some stunning events were held in different parts of Somalia to commemorate International Youth Day 2020, a country where young people make up over 75% of the population.

Bareedo Platform Somalia, a youth-led organization has changed its planned event to online events and discussions due to COVID-19 restrictions. Bareedo Platform Somalia has featured the stories of handful youth members who are under their capacities playing a role in engagement of youth for local actions or promoting youth’s role in the community in Puntland State of Somalia. 21 thoughts and stories of renowned youth members were featured through organization’s social media platforms and other online networks to value their work and inspire and empower other young people to do same as part of scaling up youth-led solutions to youth problems. It was a significant moment to observe the legacies of these young people who are working for youth rather than for themselves and contributing in solving the problems facing young people.

These stories have motivated 400 youth members across Puntland and opened up an constructive discussions in the social media platforms that focused on reviving youth’s power and dedication to address their own problems.

These are some stories and thoughts featured during the commemoration of International Youth Day 2020:-

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