Open Data is pivotal for COVID-19 epidemic response

The availability, openness, dissemination and use of data during the Coronavirus disease pandemic is indispensable and necessary for public benefit to help defeat disinformation and mythms as well as risk of digital security threats or cyber attacks. Open data  contributes greatly in the fight against coronavirus, insight into preventive actions, population mobility, the spread of the disease, and the resilience of people and systems to cope with the virus, can help public health and humanitarian leaders respond more effectively to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Bareedo Platform recommends opening up of data and information related to the Coronavirus disease pandemic to the public and establishment of safe information sites where people can get up-to-date updates constantly. The site should provide daily updates on the cases in each area, the emergency contact numbers of each location and the available healthcare with map.

To address the ongoing need for data-driven decision making, Bareedo Platform has put together some of the most helpful articles we’ve found, organized by the stages of the data value chain: availability, openness, dissemination, and use and uptake during these challenging times. Moreover, Bareedo Platform will contribute in the ongoing responses by providing number of services related to digital security safety as well as training for relevant officials on open data and digital rights.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!