Government’s Forceful Dispersal Of Peaceful Parents Gathering In Mogadishu Is Unfortunate

It is unfortunate the use of excessive force and forcefully dispersing peaceful gathering organized by distressed parents on May 16, 2021 at Daljir Dahsoon in Mogadishu Somalia, demanding the government on whereabouts of their young men who were sent to Eritrea for military training. Parents and relatives have been continuously addressing their complaints through the local media and social media networks, demanding that the government give an explanation on their whereabouts, but government turns a deaf ear to their pleas and remained silent about the matter.

It is also unfortunate that journalists covering protests were also attacked by the security forces, beating a female radio journalist and confiscated her equipment, according to a statement released by the Somali Journalists Syndicate (SJS).

Under the constitution of Federal Government of Somalia, people have a right to organize and participate in meetings, and to demonstrate and protest peacefully, without requiring prior authorization. These freedoms are suppressed; journalists are threatened, harassed, beaten, subjected to arbitrary arrests continuously.

We call on the Federal Government of Somalia to respect, protect and fulfill the right of demonstrators to peacefully protest, in line with the country’s constitution and International laws. We also call on the government to answer and convince the parents, relatives and friends whose loved ones are missing for years and have not heard of them since they were taken to Eritrea.