Fostering Meaningful Youth Participation Workshop was Held in Qardho

Empowering youth and enabling them to play an active role within their country’s political process is Bareedo’s key priorities. Within efforts and activities to promote youth’s active participation in country’s political process, policy discussions and decision making which took place in different townships across Puntland, Bareedo Platform conducted a workshop for the key youth led organizations and groups in Qardho between December 20 – December 22, 2019.

31 youth members from the active youth led organizations and groups were conveyed for a workshop with objective of:

  1. Promoting the participatory policy process with regards to young men and women in the country’s political process and policy making;
  2. Promoting the active role of youth to raise their voice in key political discussions;
  3. And documenting key achievements and challenges on youth’s active participation.

The participants of the workshop were 31 members (Male: 18, Female: 13) and took three days, where they have participated in active sessions to discuss the different aspects of drawing effective youth participation in the country’s political process and policy making, the achievements and challenges.

The workshop also addressed major topics that are seen crucial to enhancing youth participation, and drawing related policies, including the role of political parties in promoting youth participation and encouraging youth-led initiatives, the importance of gender mainstreaming in national youth programmes, and media as an effective tool for monitoring as well as youth mobilization.

The participants of the workshop underlined the importance of youth participation and engagement  and to be addressed politically, endorsed by the policymakers and make the issue a national matter of which all parties required to act on. Furthermore, the participants further stressed that the matter is not only a human rights perspective but a social, economic and political stability and making Somalia politically and economically inclusive.

The participants appreciated Bareedo Platform for such discussion and addressing this matter in a time of transition, but requested continued similar discussions to ensure successful attainment of youth’s strong role in the society, country’s political process and policy making.

Bareedo Platform