Empowering and engaging youth as positive force for transformational change in Somalia

Sharmarke Yusuf is an International Rotary peace fellow, for his extensive experience in Peace and development and had 10-week session of field study in Makerere University at Rotary Peace Center for gaining knowledge through examine new approaches of peace building and conflict transformation, following by application of leadership skills.

The Peace fellow returned to Somalia in his community for implementation of social change through guidance and mentorship professionals in the field.

Yusuf’s social change initiatives will engage youth in his communities to empower them and transform as a positive force of transformation in their communities through communication and thinking skills (TOCfE) positive peace education, employability skills and community volunteer activities. Yusuf is using a theory of constrain to change negative behavior, the TOC theory is originated by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt (1947-2011)” he was an author and a business management guru.  The theory of constrain is a set of thinking processes along with common sense methodologies used to logically identify and overcome key limitations in creating favorable change and that allows for youth to think critically and make positive, responsible decisions.

The initiates will be in class training, practical sessions followed by community volunteer activities where the young people integrate with their communities to carryout public and common good activities.

If you want to join the training sessions, send an email to Yusuf: sharmake@bareedo.org / sharmuu55@gmail.com