Freedom of information is an extension of freedom of speach a fundamental human right recognised in international law and national laws, which is today understood more generally as freedom of expression in any medium, be it orally, in writing, print, through the internet or through art forms. This means that the protection of freedom of speech as a right includes not only the content, but also the means of expression. Bareedo Platform promotes freedom of information; digital rights and access to information and will support the capacity of the media, journalists and other related programs to ensure the freedom of information.

Debates Over Mogadishu’s Representation In The Upper House Prompts Hate Speech And Disinformation In The Social Media

The recent heated debates on Mogadishu’s representation in the Upper House and arrangements for the upcoming federal elections by the Lower House  and public remarks and speeches by some senior government officials, politicians and other prominent figures triggered inflammatory and hate speech, disinformation  and confrontation among Somali social media users.

Bareedo Platform Provided Legal Assistance For A Blogger Detained In Galkacyo Over Reporting Deterioration Of Security

Galkacyo Police Commissioner arrested a local blogger over reporting deterioration of security in Galkacyo and government’s unresponsive to an increasing bandits at the night. The process of his arrest was not made as prescribed by the law and without a court and was held at the Police Station for 12 hours.

The blogger runs social media based media outlet and always reports the social services matters and the arbitrarily arrest of journalists has been on rise recently and in particular, this is the second case in Galkacyo within a month.

Bareedo Platform provided legal assistance for the blogger’s case who visited the Police Station and the court and finally without proceeding the case to the court, the blogger was released from the Police Station.

Expanding the number and capacity of Online Media Outlets in Somalia

The past ten years have seen a revolution in the ways in which people access, consume and share information. The Internet is now within the reach of more than 5 million in Somalia and an increasing number of them are now turning to social media platforms as a key source for the latest news and information, sharing and exchanging vital issues regarding the country’s political process, the social services and the demand of greater accountability and transparency from the government.

The social media based media outlets have been  growing dramatically for the last ten years and its reach is more than the TVs and Radios now but have prompt challenges, mainly limited capacity and threats from the government or power holders. We believe that social media based outlets can play a crucial role in promoting transparency and democracy and expanding the number and capacity of the online media outlets have been the priorities of Bareedo Platform to improve the freedom of information, engagement of citizens and holding the power holders accountable.

As part of these, Bareedo Platform provided support and capacity building for establishment of 5 online media outlets; one of them is English based news outlet.